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Latitude 48 Entertainment

Championship Shuffleboard

If you're looking for something a little different for your next night out, look no further.

First gaining notoriety as a much-loved pastime of King Henry VIII, shuffleboard has had a bit of comeback with Londoners of late. Simple in its concept (gamers simply slide a disc along a narrow surface - aiming to land within the scoring area), the game can now be found in Barnstaple!

American Pool

Challenge your mates to a game of pool at Latitude 48.

Whether you’re a pool rookie or an expert stick handler, our effortlessly cool and stylish bar is the perfect place for you to challenge your mates.

The contactless payment system means the game doesn't stop when you run out of coins.

Street Fighter II arcade cabinet

Live Music

Since our doors opened way back when, we have been hosting some of the best, most diverse quality live music to ever grace Barnstaple's High Street.

From rock & indie band favourites right through to renowned soloists, drum & bass DJs, open mic nights and reggae rasters - you'll find the best music in North Devon right here. Big name hard hitters galore and bank holidays packed with local favourites; and you know what? ...we haven't ticketed a door yet!

If you can't make it down to the bar you might find some of our musical pleasures streamed live from the bar on MixCloud.

Arcade and Pinball

Two absolute classics of the gaming world.

Streetfighter 2 - our free to play retro arcade will have you adopting that battle stance while you smash your opponent to pieces (on screen of course) with your favourite character, I am a Chun-Li kinda guy myself "Spinning-Bird Kick". Parents: just don't go reducing your kids to tears with a relentless punishing.

Super Mario Pinball - insert £1 nuggets to play and help us keep this awesome Gottlieb example of addictive pinball running for all ages to enjoy. It's over 30 years old now and still as fun today as it was back on day one.

Light Bulb
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